Insurrection Prime



How to cheese the encounter.
Start by killing the first Beserker and leave the Orb on the ground.

Wait for the second lot of Beserker and adds to spawn. When they do, kill them and pick up both Orbs. Take the first Orb (with the lowest countdown) to the map and start the encounter and have someone hold the second Orb. You will use this Orb to stagger the Boss.
For now, hold on to it and get to a safe spot.
The remaining team mates should be destroying the blue spots on the boss to drop the shield on the boss and clearing out any adds that spawn.

Wait in a safe place until you have about 10 seconds remaining on the Orb.
You will need a second player nearby the boss at this time to jump down to the boss to bait out his “stomp” mechanic. Once the boss has stomped your’e free to jump down under the boss and wait between his legs for the countdown to finish.
You will die at this point and someone will need to revive you.
Once you die, this should stagger the boss and allow the DPS phase to begin.

Quickly have someone revive you and get ready to DPS.
During the damage phase, Insurrection Prime will emit an EMP blast that will apply a buff to every player.
There are three buffs.


Remember these buffs using the first letter of their names. C, A and P.
You will gain 2.5x damage if you are standing in the same area as a friendly player who has the same buff as you.
You will take damage (AND DIE!) if you are overlapping with someone who has a different buff than you.

Positioning will take place DIRECTLY in front of the boss.
Don’t stay back up in the map room. Get right up close to the boss.
C will be back left.
A will be right under the bosses crit spot.
P will be back right.

C and P are glowing in the image below, because ideally you want two Warlocks to place their Wells on C and P positions to make it easier for people to get themselves in the correct spot. The Wells will be guides for everyone to know where to stand. These Wells should not overlap.


Here is a clip of this being done.
Luckily for me I had the C buff the entire time. In practice, you will almost definitely have to scope out and move during each EMP phase when the buffs swap.

If you do not kill him in a single phase, run to the map and check where the Beserker is spawning. Kill him and take one of the Orbs.
Position just like the first phase and have everyone break shields and clear adds.
This shouldn’t be much different from anything else you’ve done previous, it just takes a little more effort to get another Orb.