Organise in to two groups of three.
There are two “tasks” that need to be done. Both teams will have to take turns doing both of these tasks, so you will need to learn both mechanics.


Encounter Start

In the main hall you’re in, you will see a massive structure in the middle of the room. To the left and to the right there are three plates either side. To start the encounter all six players will need to stand on these plates. It doesn’t matter what team is on what side to begin the encounter.

There are three mechanics in the Riven fight. The first two are separated by team, the third will have all 6 players involved.

Mechanic One - Symbol Phase

The image below is a map that should help understand where symbols spawn, but first let’s go over what needs to happen to start this phase and an explanation of how the image below relates.
Designate three roles.

  • Carrier

  • Viewer / Callout

  • Add Clear

Adds will spawn on the stairs and also on the outer edges you enter through. Clear all the adds until an Orange Bar mob spawns. He will drop an item that is needed to be picked up.
Have the Carrier pick up the item.
When the Carrier picks up the orb, he will see a tower of symbols located at the “S” circle in the image. They will all be the same symbol. The Carrier needs to call out the symbol that he sees.

During this time, the Viewer should head towards the “S” in the image below. They should stand on top of the pillar, behind the glass wall. Once the Carrier picks up the orb, the Viewer will see all the symbols appear around the arena in the locations shown in the image. These symbols are only visible while looking through the glass.

Once the Carrier calls out the symbol he can see, the Viewer should give the Carrier directions as to where that symbol is that was called out. Once the Carrier is standing on the correct symbol they should use the grenade button to explode the symbol and complete the mechanic.

If done correctly, the orb will disapear and you can move on. All three of you should head behind the “S” in the image, behind the glass wall and head down the dark pit to the next room.

Apologies… this guide is unfinished due to the fact that no one runs this encounter as intended and simply shoots her in the mouth and that’s that!