Last Wish Raid Guide

The goal for this page is not so much to teach new players how to do the raid, but to help new players and teams understand the mechanics for each encounter.

Simple to read and understand images will be included in each guide to help understand mechanics of the raid.


Last Wish Plates

Here is a compilation of all known plates for each wish.
This page will update with new wishes as they are found.

To make a wish, you will need to go to the Wishing Well. The Wishing Well is located before the first encounter. Before you enter the door to start the first encounter, look to the left and you will see a small lake. Look for the green grassy patches against the cliff edges and follow them up. You will eventually make your way to a small room with a grid of circles against a wall. To change the symbol on the grid you simply shoot them and they will cycle through all the symbols. To confirm a configuration, walk on to the circular button in the middle of the room.

Scourge of the Past

A simple position guide for the final boss fight.
Secrets and Triumphs in the Raid