Scourge of the Past


Scourge of the Past


Insurrection Prime

An incredibly simple guide to help new people understand how to complete the final encounter using the cheese strategy. This is typically much faster than the normal mechanic and is an easy way to carry 1 or 2 people that are below power requirement.


Known Discoveries

  • Flawless Challenge
  • Hidden Tank - First Encounter
  • Secret Chest - Sparrow Encounter


Hold The Line
Awarded for completing the encounter without the map timer losing half its time. (Horizontal marker at -90 degrees)

Six of a Kind
Awarded for killing 6 Servitors using Tanks.

Light in the Dark
Awarded for completing a raid using the Guided Games function. However, this will only award the Triumph to the Hosts of the Guided Game, not the joiner.

Perfect Alignment
Awarded for completing the Vault Access (Insurrection Prime Phase 1) encounter without ever mismatching phases.

Flawless Challenge

6 buttons were found in the initial encounter in the raid.
Once all are lit up, you will see The Like a Diamond Challenge activate.
Images and a video for each button are bellow.

Hidden Tank - First Encounter

A tank can be obtained during the first encounter. Two buttons need to be pressed (melee attacked) at the same time.
The buttons are found on the balcony of the grey building in the center of this image.

This is what the buttons look like.

The building is found in the North-East section of the map, against the wall.
A tank will spawn with a UI indicator showing you where it is.
Use this tank to kill the Beserkers to complete a challenge.

Secret Chest - Sparrow Encounter

A secret chest is located during the "Escape!" encounter. The raid sparrow seems to exclusively drop from this chest.
The requirement for this is to touch 8 buttons that are scattered all over the "course".

Here's a video showing the location of each button from Reddit user StrandedKenni.
Here's a Reddit post he made with screenshots of each one.


u/SchrodingersSpoon for your post on how to locate all the buttons for the flawless challenge. Click here for the full post.

I couldn't find a post that looks to be the original post for the tank. I just went and got images of that from memory. If anyone knows the original post, happy to link it here.

u/StrandedKenni and their post here.
u/LightshadowLXadded and their post and guide here.
u/kdavid1215 and their post here.
u/Dopmeister and their confirmation comment here.