TD2 Stutter Fix

Division 2 Stuttering Issues - Nvidia

RivaTuner Statistics Server

Download RivaTuner Statistics Server
You can find it here. Scroll to the bottom and download the most recent version.
Once installed, run it and ensure you Show own statistics set to ON. The option at the bottom of the list.
Then click Setup.
Tick the Enable frametime history overlay. You will want to use this to make sure you’re no longer getting stuttering and a smooth frame rate. It will overlay a frame rate monitor and a frametime monitor. You want the bar graph it shows to be a nice long smooth line. Like the image below.


This is where it will slightly change depending on your monitor. If you have a 60hz monitor, you could set Vsync in game to on and not use the frame rate limit in RTSS. But if you’re still having issues, continue on and do the following steps…
If you have a Gsync or FreeSync monitor, use the frame rate limit in RTSS. You can see in my screenshot to the right that I have set the frame rate limit to 72. I set it to 72 because it is exactly have the refresh rate of my monitor, at 144hz, and because I can’t keep a frame rates always above 100. I get dips in to the 80’s regularly. Choose a frame rate limit that you can ALWAYS maintain. Try running around in the open world and get in a firefight. See where your lowest dips are and then set the limit to the lowest dips. This will take some tweaking and testing.

Nvidia Control Panel

Make sure the game is closed before making any of these changes.
Open your Nvidia Control Panel and go to the Manage 3D settings at the top of the list. In the Global Settings tab, scroll down to the Power management mode and make sure it is set to Prefer maximum performance. You should leave this on regardless of Division 2, this will stop your GPU from under-performing in all games.

Switch tabs to Program Settings. You may need to click the Add button if The Division 2 isn’t in the list. Click add and find Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 and add it.
Change these settings:
Maximum pre-rendered frames = 1
Threaded optimization = On
This should help reduce stuttering!