Idle Animation
Discord and Clan

Welcome to Idle Animation.

We are an Australian gaming group, welcoming to all!

We have a small core team that is always looking for higher tier PvP and PvE players for things like Raids, comp, Trials (lol) etc... But this is not a requirement at all.

Most members are over 18 and we don't hold back in chat.
We're LGBTQ+ friendly and you will be kicked if you're not.
If you're looking for a kid-friendly clean chat, this clan won't be it.
If you're looking for a safe space, this is not it.
If you're looking for some bants, then this might be your place.

In saying that, we won't tolerate overt homophobia and racism etc.
If you're trying to be mean, that's one thing, if you're just having some bants, then cool.

We play exclusively on PC.
The only requirement is to be right here, in the Discord.

Just head to the #roles channel and add the roles to your account. You need to have at least one game assigned to you to be able to chat.