Last Wish


Last Wish - Raid Guide



Cleanse the plates around the arena to activate rooms which will protect you from Kalli’s attacks. Use the rooms to protect yourself between damage phases.
This encounter is fairly straight forward, with minimal mechanics.

Recommended power for this encounter is 540+


Kill waves of enemies protecting Shuro Chi and break her shield to damage her. There are six damage phases and two puzzles to clear during this encounter.
This encounter is a time based encounter and you will need to be fast and co-ordinated. Being able to think on your feet will be very useful here.

Recommended power for this encounter is 540+



Collect Taken Strength while surviving waves of enemies attacking you in the arena. Cleanse your Fireteam when they are trapped in snares. When at maximum Taken Strength, use the buff to damage and finally kill Morgeth.
This encounter is incredibly straight forward. It will be one of the easiest and shortest encounters in this raid.

Recommended power for this encounter is 550+


Solve a puzzle to unlock the Vault. Knights will be holding orbs that will assist in unlocking the Vault. Stop Knights from undoing your progress and locking the Vault back up.
This is a challenging encounter to first understand. Once you’ve run through it a few times, it will become much simpler and easier to do.

Recommended power for this encounter is 550+



Two teams of three will split up to take down Riven. One team will be solving a puzzle while the other team damages Riven and watches her eyes for clues. Each team swaps their roles and repeats multiple times to take her down.
This is a challenging encounter for most people as it can require very precise actions to be completed. Small mistakes can mean a wipe for the entire encounter.

Recommended power for this encounter is 560+



Take the heart of Riven to the now healed Techeuns to cleanse Riven’s heart of the Taken infection. Protect your allies from succumbing to the infection using the heart as a shield.
This is a fairly straight forward encounter, and should be completed without much difficulty.

Recommended power for this encounter is 560+