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Kalli Guide


Organise in to three groups of two.

Each team will be responsible for one section of the arena.
I have coloured each section to make it easier to communicate. They are not represented in-game. It doesn’t much matter where you assign this in-game, as long as you’re all on the same page.

Before starting the encounter, each team will need to confirm the symbols shown in the coloured sections of the diagram (yellow, red and green). They will be hanging from the columns in the center of the room.
Below are the various symbols that will be available in this encounter.

Once each person has a symbol memorised, they will need to find the corresponding symbol on the outer plates. Using the image above, you can see that there are nine plates, but only six members of the fireteam. This means that three will be incorrect plates and they should not be stepped on. The encounter can now be started.

Encounter Start

Everyone needs to jump on their outer plate at the same time. (although the first person to jump on will start the encounter).
As shown in the image above, the outer plates are separated in to three sections. Two of the sections will be covered in taken blight and one section will be safe. You need to stand on the safe section and wait for the two blight sections to dissipate. This will happen three times.
After the third blight dissipates, a Taken Knight will spawn in front of you. Kill the Knight your plate is complete. You can either help others with their Knights if they need, or head to the middle of the room.

Damage Phase

Once all plates are complete and everyone is in the middle of the room, the damage phase will start.

Kalli will appear below one of the columns that the symbols appear under. Everyone should be in the lower section of the pit, looking towards Kalli. Unload as much damage in to her as you can during this phase.
After a short time, Kalli will start to chant and cast an attack. You will know when this is happening when you see the message on screen, “Kalli prepares to wield her weapon”.

When this happens, notice in front of you there are a bunch of green doors. They are below Kalli. If all the plates were cleansed correctly, six doors will open. Everyone needs to get inside one of these doors. Keep in mind that only one person can be in a room, otherwise the door will not close, protecting you from the Kalli attack.

Door Strategy: A good idea is to assign everyone a number 1 - 6. Then, looking at all the doors, starting on the top row - going from left to right, then the second row - left to right, you will count the open doors like you’re reading a book.
Player number 1 will enter the first door, player number 2 will enter the second door, and so on.

After a short time the doors will open. Everyone should head back out, kill all the psions, and look for Kalli again. She will move each time you leave the doors. Once you find her, start the DPS again! This will happen two more times.

If you can not kill Kalli by the time the damage phase is over, simply repeat the entire process again.