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Shuro Chi Guide
Shuro Chi


Organise in to two groups. One group of four and one group of two.
The team of four will be working the puzzle and the symbol activation.
The remaining team of two will be dedicated add clear and, if they are quick on their feet, should sub out any symbol team member if they get stuck on a duplicate plate.

Encounter Start

Standing in front of the door will start the encounter. Clear adds as fast as possible. 1 or 2 Hunters with a Tether and Orpheus Rig are extremely helpful here.
As you’re clearing adds you will see a timer counting down from 4 minutes. If the timer counts down completely, your team will wipe and you will need to start again.

Push forward clearing adds and find Shuro Chi ahead of you. She will be shielded.
To remove her shield you will need 3 people to jump on the surrounding plates at the same time while holding the Crystal hovering over each plate.
Pick up the crystal and jump on.
The three players on these plates should shoot each other with the Crystal. So either all decide to shoot the person to your right or to your left, it does not matter.
Once you all shoot each other, Shuro Chi’s shield will drop.

Damage Phase

With Shuro Chi’s shield gone, it is now time to damage her. You will see her health bar has several notches, giving her 6 segments of health. Each time you damage her she will go immune once her health reaches each notch. When you see her health reach the notch you can stop damaging her and move on.

If you are struggling to damage her down to the notch, there is a named mob which will drop an item you can hold that will stagger her. Have your fourth player pick this up and use it if you’re not quite damaging her in time!

Encounter Continue

Once she goes immune, continue pressing forward and clearing adds. Another phase of Crystal and Plate shooting will occur. You will then damage her a second time.

Puzzle Phase

After damaging her a second time, you will enter a room with 9 plates on the ground and 3 symbols on the walls of the room.
This is where you should refer to the image at the top of this page. Using this image you can see how the plates on the ground relate to the plates on the wall.

Puzzle Strategy: Before you even begin the encounter you should assign 4 people to be doing the puzzle.
It’s best to assign these four people with a number.

When you enter the puzzle room you will see that the symbols on the walls will be obscured by 4 taken marks. The goal is to clear these marks by having four players step on each corresponding mark.

Reading the symbol from top to bottom and left to right, count which taken marks are there. The first taken mark will be the plate Player 1 steps on. The second taken mark will be the plate Player 2 steps on, and so on.

Using the example shown, you can see that if the top left, top right, bottom left and the bottom center segments had the taken mark, this is how you would number them and how you would jump on the plates.

Repeat this three times in the puzzle room (once for each wall) and climb up to move on.
Simply repeat what you’ve already done (push forward clearing adds and damaging Shuro Chi). You will enter one further puzzle room that uses the same mechanics.

There are only two puzzle rooms.
Damaging the last segment of Shuro Chi will complete the encounter and defeat her.