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Vault Guide
The Vault


Organise in to two groups of three.
One team will be staying in the inner circle doing the Vault puzzle, the other team will be clearing adds and running the orb. If you have lower power level players, it’s best to have them do the puzzle as they do not need to kill adds as a priority.

Encounter Start

To start the encounter, one member of each team should stand on the three plates in the inner circle. Using the image above, one player will be on the Yellow plate positioned above Stairs, another player will be on the Red plate positioned near Rock and the finale player will be on the Green plate positioned near Tree.
Keep these call-outs in mind, they will be needed through the run.

The symbols I am using in the guide a purely decorative and to make it easier to see. They are not in game.

Puzzle Preface

To unlock the Vault and clear the encounter, each inner plate needs to be “cleansed”. To do this the add clear and runner team will need to kill an Eye of Riven which will spawn on the “E” symbols in the image above.
When the Eye of Riven dies, it will drop an Orb that will need to be brought in to the Vault room to cleans a plate.
The Orb will either be a Taken Essence Antumbra or a Taken Essence Penumbra. This is important.

For now, just remember this:


Puzzle Start

When each player from the inner “puzzle” team stands on their plates, The Vault in the middle of the room will show these players three symbols each.

Designate one player to be the person who calls out their symbol first.
The first player will call out the symbol in the middle of the row. I will use an example below, but these are just placeholder symbols, they will be random when you play.


If player one see’s the combination below, they will call out their middle symbol. In this case, it would be FISH CURL.

Now player 2 and 3 will check the symbols on the left and right (not the middle symbol) for the FISH CURL symbol. Only one of the other players will have this symbol.


Now player 2 checks his and it happens to be on his, this is what he might see.

Player 2 calls out that he has FISH CURL on the LEFT.
Now that that is confirmed, Player 2 calls out what symbol he has in the MIDDLE. In this example, it is BIRD SWOOPING.


As Player 3 is the only person left, he checks his symbols for the BIRD SWOOPING. Here is what he might see.

Player 3 sees that he has the BIRD SWOOPING on the LEFT, so he calls out that the symbol is on the LEFT.
So let’s take note of what we have.

  • P1 calls out FISH CURL
  • P2 says it’s on his left. P2 is at TREES, so Tree is LEFT
  • P2 calls out BIRD SWOOPING
  • P3 says it’s on his left. P3 is at ROCK, so Rock is LEFT
  • P1 is the only one left. P1 is at STAIRS, so Stairs is RIGHT

As there are only three plates to be cleansed, and there must be at least one of each LEFT and RIGHT we can assume that P1 is on the RIGHT.

Now that we know what each location is designated. We can convert the LEFT and RIGHT call-outs for the runner. Remember, LEFT is PENUMBRA, RIGHT is ANTUMBRA.
The Puzzle players should try to remember what their plates are for the runners (the outer team).


Runner Phase

While the Puzzle players have been calling out the symbols and taking note of whether they are LEFT/PENUMBRA or RIGHT/ANTUMBRA, the Runners should be clearing adds.

Each Runner should stay (roughly) within their own areas to pick up the orbs. As once you’ve picked up an orb once, you will have a timer locking you out of picking up another during the same rotation.

When the Eye of Riven spawns in the outer rooms (Stairs/Tree/Rock), you will need to kill it as fast as possible. Once the Eye of Riven dies, the room it died in will be locked down with a wall separating the room from the vault.

Once the Runner picks up the Orb, the remaining team mates will need to check the outer rooms to see which one is still open. Only one room will remain open. The runner will then need to use the side hallways to run back in to the vault.

Taken Knights will spawn at the “E” location’s once the Runner picks up the Orb. The Taken Knights will head to the plates in an attempt to lock down the Vault and wipe your team. These Knights need to be killed as fast as possible.
1 will spawn in the first rotation, 2 the second rotation and then 3 the final rotation before you repeat the process.

Once the Runner has made it back in to the vault, confirm what buff he has. Remember it will either be Taken Essence Antumbra or Taken Essence Penumbra.

Using the call-outs that were confirmed by the puzzle team, run to whichever plate that matches your buff.

For example. If the runner has Taken Essence Penumbra he can run to either TREES or ROCK. As they were worked out to be both PENUMBRA. If he had Taken Essence Antumbra, the only position that was worked out to be ANTUMBRA was Stairs.

Run to the appropriate plate and use your Grenade ability to cleans the plate.

This process will happen three times to cleans each plate. That is one cycle. Three cycles need to be completed to clear the Vault.

The Vault sounds complicated. And it is definitely difficult to explain. But once you run it and try it out, you will quickly understand how simple it actually is. Try not to feel overwhelmed. If you need to, just try doing once piece at a time first even if it means you wipe.